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Canberra based quality landscaping solutions.

Plant Supply and Planting

With our plant supplier being a local Canberran, we can provide you with the perfect plants for the local growing conditions and have you involved directly with the supplier along the way to ask questions ensuring the best outcome for your garden.

We can also purchase the plants at wholesale costs that make us very competitive, and the service options range from supply only to supply, place, and plant.

Sustainable Options

At Canberra Clear Landscaping & Stormwater Harvesting, we are very passionate about reducing our footprint on the environment. So, we do what we can to work with or reuse materials. Recycling products is an excellent way to be sustainable and give a unique touch to your project.

Our sustainable options include recycled concrete retaining walls, recycled brick paving, site rocks for creating retaining or feature walls, railway sleepers used for steppingstones/retaining walls or mailboxes, and steel Reo Mesh for screening or climbers.

Stormwater harvesting is also a fantastic sustainable option by using stormwater runoff with devices like swales, wicking trenches, wicking beds, soaker pits, wetland plantings and water tanks. We can also install larger systems such as rain gardens and street tree pits.

Call us today to find out how we can create a sustainable garden for you incorporating recycled products.  

Garden Lighting

Installing garden lighting is a great way to not only use your beautiful new garden at night but also to give a whole other dimension to your garden, from soft glowing garden path lights through to spotlights to show off feature trees or walls or even mailbox lights.

We use high-quality parts from trusted suppliers to deliver the highest quality in garden lighting and ensure a licensed and qualified electrician undertakes any required electrical works.

Contact Us for more information or an obligation-free quote for your garden lighting needs.  

Retaining and Feature Walls

We have had many years of experience designing and creating high-quality retaining and feature wall options for our clients, including sleeper retaining walls, through to detailed masonry and stone walls. Depending on your project design or needs, our goal is to design and construct the right retaining/feature wall for your project.

We also love working with large rocks/boulders to create beautiful natural retaining solutions and smartly specified plant varieties to compliment and help retain the desired area.

Contact Us for more information or an obligation-free quote for your retaining wall needs.


Whether you are after a showpiece, feature paving, a functional paved area or a new driveway, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the perfect outcome for your project.

We are second to none for paving, and it is with good reason that local suppliers recommend Canberra Clear to install their product.

Chat to us today about the steps we take to ensure you get the highest quality paving and guaranteed peace of mind for an outstanding quality job.


There is no better way to maximise your new gardens’ success than installing an automatic irrigation system. It helps protect the plants or new lawn you have invested in by ensuring it gets the required water it needs to thrive.

By using the highest quality parts and keeping up to date with the latest technology, we take the hassle and worry of ensuring your garden is getting watered consistently. In addition, all our Irrigations systems come with a 2-year warranty.

It is a great feeling to go on a summer holiday knowing your garden is getting the love it needs to survive without having to rely on family, friends, or neighbours to water your garden.

Contact us for more information on more innovative watering options.

Irrigation Maintenance Service

We offer an irrigation maintenance service for all installed systems. Book your irrigation system in for a thorough service and inspection to reassure you that you are not paying extra on your water bills with leaking irrigation systems.

Contact us to book your inspection.

Garden Construction

Coming from a horticultural and turf management background, we are passionate about delivering the perfect growing environment for both your gardens and lawns.

By incorporating fertilisers and mixing new soils throughout, we can produce the perfect blend for your garden to ensure the ground has the proper nutrients without being too rich, especially for native garden beds.

Contact us for an obligation-free quote or more information on the options available for your proposed garden or lawn area.


We specialise in small excavation works using 2-tonne and 4.5-tonne tipper trucks along with an excavator, Bobcat and Dingo mini diggers for tight access projects. We also have access to a 15-tonne truck for bulk excavation works.

We can help you with anything from a simple clean out, concrete removal, site demolition to a whole garden site cut and pool digs.
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