Why choose Canberra Clear?

Canberra Clear is a locally owned landscaping and stormwater harvesting company who specialise in sustainable Landscaping practices.

With over 18 years’ experience in all aspects of landscaping, our attention to detail & highest quality workmanship are second to none. Canberra clears’ fresh approach to landscaping and stormwater harvesting allows us to adapt to any challenge or circumstance.

Canberra Clear aim to make the most sustainable and resourceful choices, by recycling products and materials that allows us to create personalised and unique gardens that ultimately reduce costs and are more environmentally friendly.


This project used existing concrete from the site to create a recycled concrete retaining wall that ultimately became the main feature of the garden.

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Canberra Clear developed a plan to pick up the water with a ‘dry creek bed’ constructed out of boulders and oversized pebble. The dry creek bed leads to a ‘wet land’ planting area. A mixture of native plants and deciduous feature trees compliment the native Australia theme.

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By planting out the existing brick tiers with Lomandra and Japanese Maples the colour contrast really added a ‘WOW’ factor to the entry of the property and took the focal point from the walls to the planting.

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